Founder: Serphina

With close to 10 years of combined experience in the Sales & Marketing, Property & Facility management and Hospitality sector. Serphina has lead a team of professionals to market and introduce product development programs, targeted towards existing and new markets. Serphina is also highly experienced in scouting and training future potentials, to provide the same professional and holistic experience for their clients with her dedicated training regimes.

Serphina’s latest employment was with the One Rochester Group providing advisory to the board and taking on management roles. Working effectively with a weekly sales target together with her team to achieve. Managing and upselling an unforgettable experience to their high net worth clients, to ensure the highest retention rate of customers.

Under her leadership, the Urban Property Management team is resolved and dedicated to providing customers with the best management personnel tailored to the estate’s specific characteristic.

“To achieve success, the right person for the right job.”